If you want to add value to your home, a conservatory is a smart investment. However, there’s a difference between a well-designed and well-executed conservatory that creates a stylish and modern living space and a badly built unit that’s an eyesore.

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Buyers love quality

A beautiful conservatory adds a real “wow” factor to your home and increases its resale value by at least 5%. However, if you let the cowboys in, your conservatory could actually turn off buyers.

A poorly built conservatory won’t offer the same benefits as a design that makes full use of modern glazing technology. It will have less value as a year-round space, and the security features could let you down when you need them.

A high-quality conservatory can transform the way you live, and your buyers will appreciate that flexibility. Ensure a reputable company like firmfix.co.uk/conservatories/ does the job, and you’ll guarantee that your conservatory is built to business regulations using quality materials.

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Maximise value with bespoke design

Bespoke conservatories Tewkesbury buyers love can really maximise the value you add to your home. However, you need to take several factors into consideration at the planning stage to ensure that the design works for your property.

Whatever direction your conservatory will face, use modern low-emissivity glass to enjoy maximum natural light while minimising heat loss. Think about the view from your conservatory when deciding on a location, and ensure that there’s a good flow of space from the main house.

When it comes to the style of your conservatory, you should consider a design that creates a seamless flow with the main house, particularly if you own a period property. You may love the look of a modern glass cube, but it can be off-putting to buyers who expect a beautiful orangery. Likewise, be careful with the footprint of your conservatory. If it’s too small, it may be cramped and of little use as extra living space; if it’s too large, it can take up valuable space in the garden.

Peace of mind

Under permitted development, you may be able to add a sizeable conservatory, but always check whether planning permission is required. Work with a company that offers a long-term guarantee. That way, you’ll have peace of mind when you live in the property, and so will your buyer!