berkeley school - academics and the arts


Berkeley School is what a school should be. Invest in your child's future by giving your child an educational experience that will benefit him or her throughout their lifetime. The curriculum for students includes:

Reading - Math - Language Arts - Social Studies – Science – Spanish
Physical Education  - Dance - Art – Music – Computer – Cultures - Geography

Academic Environment

Instruction at Berkeley School is individualized, with materials tailored to each child’s specific needs. Our utilization of the Mastery Learning approach insures each child develops a strong academic foundation. As a result, your child is able to progress at his/her own pace while only competing with himself/herself. Classes are limited to 15 students each. Proficiency in reading and writing is stressed in all classes, with emphasis on quality and pride in each student’s accomplishments.

Visual & Performing Arts

Unlike many other schools, at Berkeley we view the arts a discipline equally as important as English or Math. We consider it to be of primary importance rather than secondary, as a subject with its own body of knowledge and skills.

It has been proven that instruction in the arts has a direct relationship to a student’s ability to improve academically. We encourage the boundless inventiveness and imagination that our students possess in order to develop aesthetic awareness and self-expression that are an integral part of the learning process.

Social Environment

At Berkeley School, children develop verbal skills in a secure, friendly atmosphere of small discussion groups. In these groups, your child learns empathy. This ability is encouraged and reflected in the child’s behavior towards others in the form of good manners, courtesy and consideration. These social skills are important aims at our school, and we strive to develop them based on genuine respect for oneself and others rather than by rote.


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