This season, there are a few new trends to take notice of, and perhaps the most exciting is the bold new trend for metallics. Shiny shades can really add a touch of glamour to any home, so read on for tips on how to incorporate this exciting new style into your home.

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Brass, copper, gold, bronze, silver, rose gold and chrome are all popular this year, as people take a leaf out of the designers’ notebooks. Trendy metallics have experienced an upturn in interest from shoppers, as people have realised that metallics add warmth to a room while also being incredibly versatile and easy to match with other colours.

Accessories or feature pieces

Metallic shades can work well with any colour to add an accent or they can work as a feature point to make a bolder statement. For accessories, consider a brass mirror frame on a plain wall or a cushion with a silvery sheen.

Other accessories that are more portable include a hostess trolley with brass or chrome edging or tableware with gold trim. Candlesticks with metallic colours also look great on a mantelpiece or as a finishing touch on a dining table.

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Silver and nickel

Many people have chosen gold as an accent colour, as this is warm and soothing, especially if a softer hue is chosen. However, for this year, the trend is turning to silver and nickel with a polished, almost industrial, finish. This adds a harder, contemporary edge to a room.

Silver shades are cooler than gold shades and work well with blues and other cool colours to be quite restful. The BBC has a useful guide to planning colours for different rooms depending on the effect and mood you want to create.


Another consideration for colour is your flooring choice. Laminate flooring from specialist stockists such as can be a good choice, as it is so versatile. You can pick from a range of different finishes, whether you are looking for a beige or brown laminate to match gold metallic accessories in your room, or grey and white laminate to blend with silver tones.

Laminate is a great choice to match with metallic hues this season. Other reasons laminate is a winning choice include its relative low cost, low maintenance, high durability and easy installation.